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Buying New York Yankees tickets is very simple. Do not be tempted by other sites, only on this site, can we guarantee that the tickets are delivered before the game. Also, this website is 100% secure and you are assured of authentic tickets.

New York Yankees tickets go for $5 up to thousands of dollars. A normal price for a good seat is between 25 and 75 dollars per ticket. Yankee Stadium is a mega-sized stadium but you cannot see well everywhere. If you sit too high, the ball is hard to see and if you sit at the back you can only be able to follow the game partially . So choose tickets for the seats circled in red in the picture below.

Tickets in the 400-series are often very cheap but the places are very high up.

Buying Tickets:

Click on the link below and select the date when you would like to see a match. Check if the Yankees are playing at home, this can be seen if the location is either ‘Bronx NY’ or ‘Yankee Stadium’. (If they are not at home, see if the New York Mets have any home games.) The tickets can be paid by credit card and are sent to your address or e-mail (this is 100% safe). Buy the tickets on time: the more time you have, the better. (If the tickets are sent to your home, it usually takes four to five days to receive them.) The website guarantees that the tickets are in your possession on time , otherwise you will receive your money back.

Sometimes if you buy the tickets just days before the game, it is also possible to pick up the tickets at the counter. If possible, this option is available when checking out. If you see the e-mail option, always choose it as you will receive the tickets faster.

The tickets on the site are from season ticket holders who cannot make it, this is why they are available for a discounted price. Sometimes the tickets are more expensive than the original price, this is because the official tickets have been sold out. Click here to buy tickets!



How do I get to the Yankee Stadium?

The best way to get to the Yankee Stadium is by subway. There are two fast subway lines: the D and the 4. Both lines go through Manhattan and you can get on at many stations. You pay the normal subway ticket price (so no surcharges) and if you have an Unlimited MetroCard, you can use that as well. Get out at 161st Street and walk across the street. You cannot miss the stadium as its directly across from the station.

When do I need to be at the stadium?

If the game starts at 1 PM, and you arrive at 12:50 PM then you will be forced to wait in long queues just to get in. If you are too early you might get bored. I would suggest to arrive 30 – 60 minutes in advance.

Seating New York Yankees

Eric’s Tip: This site is 100% secure and offer the lowest ticket prices on the internet. This is also the only website that sends you the tickets. I also buy my tickets through this website. The photos are made from section 423, row 2.


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